Do you want to:

  • Give something back to the community;
  • Work for social change;
  • Learn new skills;
  • Help others;
  • Gain work experience; and
  • Have fun.

Who benefits:

  • The volunteer;
  • The organisation;
  • The clients; and
  • The community.

What organisations expect of you:

  • Be punctual and respectful of others;
  • Tell them when something goes wrong or isn’t working;
  • Undertake any training you may need; and
  • Carry out the job you have agreed to.

What can you do:

  • Empower people – teach and exchange skills;
  • Be indispensible – administration and clerical;
  • Provide nourishment – prepare and serve food; and
  • Help the world go around – transport people and goods.