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Organisations may not have the time or the staff to sit down and discuss what is involved in setting up a volunteer program for their services. It can be daunting if you have never had to set up a program from the beginning and we can assist you in the initial stages sharing information on how to set up a program to support your organisation’s services.  We also help by recruiting and referring volunteers to organisations if they don’t have a volunteer program.

Our volunteer managers resource list includes:

  • Brochures (Flexible Living Volunteering Service);
  • Sample Volunteer Forms;
  • Manuals; and
  • Website Links

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Sample Volunteer Forms


Website Links

These resource materials are available for download by volunteer managers who are setting up their own program or updating an existing program. They are in .pdf format so please follow the link below if you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your computer.

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If you require a printed version, please contact 0429 935 052 to speak with our Program Manager or email

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