Volunteer – Expression of Interest

Community organisation rely on volunteers in helping to provide their services and as the needs of the community grows, so does the need for more volunteers. Volunteering embraces people from all walks of life regardless of a persons education, background, skills and experience.

The following information is what you may need to supply if you are enquiring about volunteering:

  • where you live e.g., suburb,
  • your contact details e.g., mobile phone number and email,
  • your availability e.g., what days and times you can work,
  • have you previously done any volunteer work and in what area e.g., sports club, aged care,
  • if you have volunteered before, what was your role e.g., office assistant, driver, support worker,
  • what type of role would you be interested in e.g., day activity support worker in aged and disability sector, driver, gardening,
  • do you have or would need to apply for a National Police Check, Blue Card and Disability Card – these checks are required under government legislation and your host organisation for apply on your behalf at no cost to you,
  • do you have a drivers licence or would you be using public transport, and
  • what skills and experience can you bring to the role you are interested in.

If you are interested in offering your time and skills to a volunteer position, please contact us on 1300 359 253.

Please Note

Information that is provided on the form is confidential and kept for job allocation purposes only. At no stage will personal details be given to any other person or agency without seeking applicants’ consent. Consent is granted by the applicant if and when applicant completes either in person or by phone a Volunteer Application or Referral Form, which requires further details from the applicant.

It is a requirement under the Aged Act 2011 that all workers who work directly or indirectly with the aged are to hold a National Police Check and in some instances they may be required to also hold a Positive Notice Card – Blue Card.  Also, under the Disability Act 2006, it is mandatory for all workers who work directly or indirectly with people with a disability to hold a Criminal History Screening Positive Notice Card.

All applications are completed and submitted by the Aged Care/Disability Service funded organisation, at no cost to the applicant.

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