Why you should volunteer……

Volunteering embraces people from all walks of life who want to make a difference regardless of education, background or skills. Community organisations rely on volunteers in helping to provide their services within the community. As the needs of the community grows, so does the need for more volunteers. Volunteering is the most rewarding and worthwhile role in society and we can help you to find a suitable volunteer position in a location close to where you reside.

Globally, volunteering is also recognised as a stepping stone into the workforce by supporting a person to identify training needs and to give them practical experience which helps to increase the chances of successfully obtaining full time work. If you are looking at a career change, then volunteering gives a person the opportunity to gain practical skills and enhance existing skills.

Remember that volunteering:

  • is always a matter of choice;
  • only takes place in the not-for-profit sector;
  • is about participating in the community;
  • is unpaid; and
  • creates positive change in the wider community.

Our service links potential volunteers with community organisations by finding a position that suits the person, placing the person with an organisations close to where they reside; and offer free training to help them gain new skills and knowledge for working in the community sector.

Looking for a career change……

Volunteering can give you practical experience by:

  • providing stability and structure towards easing people into a working environment;
  • allowing a person to be productive and demonstrate work performance without the pressure of a paid position; and
  • identifying a persons level of competency and area of expertise.

This gives a person the opportunity to learn new skills and enhance existing skills, build confidence and self-esteem, be guided by supervision and develop opportunities to obtain suitable employment whether they are integrating back into the workforce or looking for a change in career.


Please be aware that depending on which organisation a volunteer and/or student is placed with, they may be required to undergo a Criminal History Screening Process before commencing with the organisation. These screening checks are FREE for volunteers and students.

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